Why Should You Replace Your Box Springs when You Replace Your Mattress?

Most people replace their mattresses on a somewhat regular basis. Unfortunately, most people don’t replace their box springs at the same time. Some people remain unaware that box springs wear out in the same way mattresses do. The truth is that a box spring is just as susceptible to wear and tear over time and is capable doing as much damage as a bad mattress can do to your sleep. There are several reasons you should replace your box spring, and the best time to do it is often when you replace your mattress.

mattress warranty todayMattresses wear out very obviously. Firm mattresses tend to get soft where they shouldn’t be. Soft mattresses tend to flatten and sag. This causes the mattress to deform relative to the owner’s body weight. Over time it makes mattresses very uncomfortable. Most people replace their mattresses when this begins to damage their ability to sleep.

Box springs do not wear out as obviously as mattresses. However, they do wear out in just the same way. Intermittent pressure on the box spring will gradually weaken it in some areas but not in others. This means that irregularities will be passed on from it through the mattress to the individual sleeping on it. Unlike the wear and tear put on a mattress, this will not be as obvious a change.

The interference caused by a deformed box spring is subtle. A deformed box spring can interfere with sleep by causing the spine to align poorly. This disrupts your sleep over time causing you to toss and turn trying to get comfortable.
Because it’s difficult to identify when a box spring is wearing out, the best strategy is often to buy a new box spring at the same time you buy a new mattress. This allows you to guarantee you’ll always have a usable box spring under your mattress. Oftentimes it’s possible to get a discount on mattress and box spring sets. It is also easier to budget for a box spring when you are already investing in a new mattress. All in all, replacing your box spring and mattress simultaneously is the best way to prevent your box spring from interfering with your sleep and health.


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