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3 Tips on How to Sleep Cooler on a Hot Summer Night

sleeping beauty

Our mattress could bring you good dreams too. Hey, you never know.

If you’re like me, sleeping when you’re hot in the middle of the summer is nearly 
impossible! So you might find yourself blasting the air conditioning, but then 
kicking yourself later when you get the electric bill. I wanted to share a few tips to stay cool while you’re sleeping to achieve the optimal rest your body needs.

Change Your Diet in the Summer

Try eating more cooling foods in the summer months, such a fruits, salads, vegetables, and cold beverages. Ever wonder why you crave watermelon in the summer? Listen to your body! It knows what’s best and what it needs. Eating more protein and foods that are “heavier” require more energy for your body to metabolize, and thus the more energy you are using to break down food, the warmer your body temperature. Try iced coffee instead of hot coffee, iced tea instead of hot tea… you get my drift. Also make it a point to drink more water. A lot of us are already dehydrated,and the added natural perspiration to try to cool the body when it’s hot out makes us even more dehydrated. Try to set a goal of at least eight cups of water per day. You may feel so great, you’ll keep it up all year round!

Sleep With a Fan

I like to sleep with a fan all year round because the noise is soothing to me. But it also helps keep me cool in the summertime and allows me to turn down the air conditioning just a smidge to decrease costs. They even make these fans that attach right to your bed to blow cool air under the sheets to keep you cool- I might need to look into that! You can also buy ice and fill a roasting pan with the ice and blow the fan over the ice at bed level for some ice-cool air, which is cooler than the air at room temperature.

Buy Cooling Sheets & Accessories for You Bed

There are a ton of neat accessories you can use to help keep your body cool during those hot summer nights. Anywhere from cooling bedding sets to a cooling pillow and mattress pad. The Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Mattress is an Aircool memory foam mattress that stabilizes your body temperature to keep you from getting hot and sweaty while sleeping. Pretty neat! Since your head is the hottest part of your body, start by purchasing a cooling pillow. Hopefully these tips can allow you to sleep more comfortably as we head into the heart of the summer. I sure wouldn’t mind saving a few buck on my electric bill AND getting a good night’s sleep 😉