The Best Store to Buy Mattresses

Co-sleepingYou might be looking for a new mattress but know that buying a new mattress set can be pretty costly. You also know that sleep is very important and having a good mattress is a big proponent to getting that good sleep. So why buy here? At Appliance and Mattress Center we understand the needs of customers and we can offer you high quality mattresses for lower prices than the big box name brand stores. We have been in business for over 25 years and the experience that comes along with all those years is superior to the chain stores who just produce to the masses. We know the needs of individuals on a personal level, and don’t just cater to what is in high demand all the way across the country, but rather right here in Columbus, Ohio.

When mattresses are manufactured, the cost is a lot lower than we see as consumers. When factories sell to high end stores, those stores often mark the prices way up, because- well, they can. If you look for smaller, local stores, that often cuts out the middle man and allows customers to buy mattress sets at lower prices than even the big mega mattress sale at larger chain mattress stores.

Buy Local!

Here, at Appliance and Mattress Center in Columbus, Ohio, we take much pride in our community and try to support other local businesses. All of our mattresses come from local manufacturers, which not only helps those family businesses stay in business, but buying local is beneficial because supply and demand is more tailored to the needs of the surrounding area.

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We take customer satisfaction very seriously. We want you to sleep well because if you do, then we will knowing we were able to help find that perfect mattress at a great price. Stop in today! We look forward to helping you find better sleep.


Appliance and Mattress is a mattress store in Columbus Ohio. Buy quality and affordable mattresses for your home. We carry queens, kings, fulls and twins. Delivery services are available.