Recipe for a Good Night Sleep


If you’re having trouble sleeping lately, check out this “recipe” to help you get the best sleep your mind and body need!



1 King size SERTA pillow top mattress
2 Extra fluffy pillows
220 or more threads in your sheets
1 Plush down comforter
1 Pair of extra comfy pajamas
60-65 Degrees of optimal sleeping temperature
2 Times the darkness
30 Minutes of daily aerobic exercise
1 Security system
2 Earplugs -OR- 1 fan for noise
7-9 Hours of sleep
20-40 Sheep
Hold the monsters under the bed

Combine the sheets, pillows, and comforter on your king Serta bed,
Dress yourself with comfy pajamas from your toes to your head.
Turn the heat down between sixty and sixty five,
And don’t forget to add your daily aerobic exercise!
Check your home security camera and monitor so you know you can sleep safely.
Melt the noise as best as you can,
You can use ear plugs, white noise, or even a fan.
Make sure it’s dark with very little light
After all, we get the best sleep when we sleep at night.
Be sure to get seven to nine hours of sleep,
And If you need help count all your sheep.
Ignore stress and worries inside of your head,
And keep all the monsters out from under your bed.
So you want better sleep at night, but don’t know where to begin,
How about you start by comin’ on in!
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Wishing you good sleep,

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